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Promixon is always looking for talented young people to join its team.
If you are a bright, dynamic person who is looking for a stimulating job with outstanding potential for growth, this is the place for you! Apply to our Human Resources department, will be in touch as soon as possible.

About Promixon

The experience of over 20 years has led us to this new reality. Why?

Inspiring providing the customer with high quality mixing systems that meet fully its requirements. Associated with these systems are the technical support service, so that the customer is put in a position to get the most from our products. The achievement of this goal is through the design of innovative and technologically advanced products, durability over time to improve the performances of mixing to our customers.

Building machinery and equipment for mixing plastics and powder coatings is our specialty. The main purpose of our products is to improve the mixing quality and productivity of our customers, together with a high reliability.

Our Mission

The production of high quality mixing plants that meet fully your requirements is what we like to do. Provide the technical assistance, so that the customer is put in a position to get the most from our products is equally important.

The satisfaction of our customers has our full Attention and we pursue this fundamental goal by designing innovative products with advanced technology, durability over time to improve the mixing performances for our customers. Promixon seeks a long term relationship with our customers and partners.

ProMixOn explained

Corporate values, expressed in logo, acts to achieve results beneficial to you, working with you, for you.


From the Latin “Prode“:
help, at defense, in favour, in advantage


From the Latin “Misculare“:
Putting together different substances to obtain a unique homogeneous mass


To turn on or “activate“:
Putting into action, making something effective, bring to life