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Powder Coatings: Pre-Mixing and Industry 4.0

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A Success Story – 100% Made in Italy We have been exporting custom-made mixing systems all over the world for five years to meet every application need, regardless of the type of material that the customer has to work with. One of the most important projects we have been working on in recent months has…

Mixing Consultant

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The decision to provide customers with tailor-made solutions requires continuous improvement of our technical skills and the impeccable evaluation of every single detail of the projects, in order to respect not only the design guidelines but also the most efficient productivity logics. From the design phase, our plants develop and evolve constantly following direct communication…

A message from Marco Marinello

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Dear reader, I am writing you because we have just completed our 5th anniversary and I want to share with you the great successes we have achieved and the goals we expect to achieve in the upcoming months. Since the start of this adventure, we have grown very fast. Turnover, deliveries and staff are the…

XBLEND-MC/2500/8600: the biggest Hot/Cold Mixing combination in mixing history

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In recent years, the flooring market has shown a strong increase in LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile – demand worldwide, thanks to its advantages in relation to durability and minimal maintenance requirements. In PROMIXON, we have heavily invested in product development and strengthened our supply with high technology improvements in several fields, also for flooring application (WPC,…

Serie X: the New Generation of Mixers

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PROMIXON launched at K-2016 exhibition in Duesseldorf its new serie of products: the X Serie, the new generation of mixing systems. This serie counts amongs its prime products the High Speed Turbomixer XM, in single configuration or combined with the high-efficiency XC horizontal cooler, for the production of PVC Dry-Blend, WPC, thermoplastics polymers, master batch,…

New in-house testing room

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Thanks to the expansion of the production unit with the addition of a new shed of around 1500 square metres, PROMIXON has opened in June 2016 an in-house testing room to offer customers even more comprehensive and personalized services. The new facility supports systems efficiency testing and real-time checking of blending results with customers’ production…

A letter from Marco Marinello – C.E.O.

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Dear reader, Thanks for your attention and time. There are many beautiful things happening in PROMIXON world that it is not easy to figure out where to start… I can talk to you about the great success on national and international markets we are having. I can talk to you about the enlargement of our…

WPC: an innovative and sustainable market which sees a big expansion in Europe.

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The WPC appears on the market in the 70s. During the 1990s finds space and expands with speed in NORTH AMERICA, then in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and China, and now also in EUROPE, in 2015 is expected to reach a volume of 350,000 tons, growing strongly. The wood plastic composites are obtained by blending…

We are experiencing an extraordinary expansion!

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Dear readers, With pleasure as CEO I would like to update you about PROMIXON activities, which was founded in June 2013 and has made its second year of operation a few months ago. During the second semester of 2013 we started this new business with enthusiasm and obtained, from the start, good results, which always…

XC, the innovative High Efficiency Horizontal Cooler manufactured by PROMIXON

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In the production of PVC DRY-BLEND, rigid or plasticized, are required industrial mixing plants provided with cooling systems. The mixing plants ideal for this type of production are the High Speed Turbomixer XM combined with the Horizontal Cooler XC, today greatly renewed in mechanical composition. Prompted by a problem of the market on the cooling…

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