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WPC: an innovative and sustainable market which sees a big expansion in Europe.

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  • November 16, 2015
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The WPC appears on the market in the 70s. During the 1990s finds space and expands with speed in NORTH AMERICA, then in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and China, and now also in EUROPE, in 2015 is expected to reach a volume of 350,000 tons, growing strongly.

The wood plastic composites are obtained by blending a high percentage of wood flour or other environmentally friendly material such as bamboo with polymers such as PVC or polyolefins which have a binding function.

Recently, the market has been oriented towards products and services that are more environmentally in tune with the development models worldwide. As a result even manufacturers of composite materials always seek more environmentally friendly material for their products and today there is a strong interest in the use of bamboo.

Bamboo is classified as the plant more sustainable for its short life cycle (on average in five years the plant develops enough to be used as material) unlike wood that takes at least 10 years of growth and vegetative development whose performance characteristics are far inferior to bamboo.

Once extruded or molded they are working with the same equipment used for wood which also inherit texture and appearance while offering higher mechanical strength, weathering and biological (such as molds).

The main application areas are construction – for external paving fences, facade elements and the car, where the WPC are used in the interior; injection molded is also employed in the production of furniture and components of furniture.

These products, geared to the field construction, architecture and the landscape find increasingly market development and employment in the major eastern cities of China Korea Japan as well as in the western United States and the Canada now also beginning to spread in European countries.



  1. Appearance very similar to natural wood, the veining is random and not replicable.
  2. Wooden badge effect which allows you to do surface processing without any changes to the color in the inner layers.
  3. Possibility to choose colors within a wide range of standard and ability to customize.
  4. Consistent staining and UV stable: the pigments are additivated directly in the polymeric component.
  5. Does not splinter.
  6. It is ‘stable in contact with water: indeformable, resistant against mold rot-proof.
  7. It ‘is easy to clean, requires no specific maintenance.
  8. It has interesting thermal and acoustic insulating properties.
  9. Age resistant to UV rays.
  10. It is fire resistant and self-extinguishing.
  11. Free of radioactivity.
  12. Has lower absorption capacity than the traditional WPC: only 3% of its own weight



To obtain a mixing of high quality with high percentages of wood flour or bamboo, with polymers such as PVC or polyolefin, the most powerful system for speed, low noise, easy operation and easy cleaning of tanks is THE PROWOOD-TC, the mixing plant which comprises the turbomixer XM and the cooler XC.




1. Mixing tools for an enhanced mixing intensity in all conditions.

2. Unique anti-wear coatings.

3. Newly designed geometries of the cooling tanks to intensify the contact of the material on the heat exchange’s surface.

4. Mechanical design dedicated to increase the service factor on all mechanical details.




  • Wood Flour or Natural Fiber dried to a final moisture content < 1%.
  • PP/PE + natural fibers = Final Homogenous Agglomerate.
  • Blending all the components in the mixer permits to increase the bulk density of the product.
  • Different types of natural fibers can be processed.
  • Wood Fiber content up to 70 – 80 %.
  • Test facility is available for product development.
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