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XC, the innovative High Efficiency Horizontal Cooler manufactured by PROMIXON

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  • September 22, 2015
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In the production of PVC DRY-BLEND, rigid or plasticized, are required industrial mixing plants provided with cooling systems.

The mixing plants ideal for this type of production are the High Speed Turbomixer XM combined with the Horizontal Cooler XC, today greatly renewed in mechanical composition.

Prompted by a problem of the market on the cooling times of existing installations, our engineering department, R & D section, has taken charge of finding a solution to this issue and through a thorough engineering study, insulated and adopted the mechanical innovations that allow us to provide coolers which guarantee today a reduction in the cooling time of approximately 30% compared to our competitors, as shown in the figure below.


To achieve this goal, we have mostly listened to our customers needs in order to provide them with a system that will ensure the increase of the production flow and the elimination of all issues related to the production of PVC DRY-BLEND, rigid or plasticized.

Here are some of the innovations we engineered to our Horizontal Cooler XC to get this extraordinary reduction of cooling time.

We increased the size of the tank , which is now greater in length than the standard chosen by our competitors, we have obtained a higher volume for the collection of materials and an increase of the heat exchange’s surface: in this way, the hot mixtures coming from the XM are more in contact with the cooling surface and reach low temperatures faster than in the past.

In addition, we also increased the size of the discharge valves to make even faster the flow of cooled material. To obtain a higher yield on the cooling efficiency, we have improved the water circuit in the XC cooling jacket, optimizing the flow of coolant water in the double jacket with a coil real.

To ensure long life to the plant, it is necessary to provide the utmost care to the cleaning between a production’s cycle and the others, not always, however, the installations of this type allow to perform these operations quickly, easily and efficiently. ù

Then, we reviewed the mechanism for opening the lid of the cooler, which now can be opened completely and automatically operable thanks to an innovative hydraulic unit: its components and its internal parts are now much more easily accessible and the surface of the tank, made ​​of stainless steel finely polished, guarantees easy cleaning and prevent the buildup of material.

Contact us to receive further information or for a technical consultation, we will be glad  to support you to increase your company productivity.

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