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We are experiencing an extraordinary expansion!

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  • October 21, 2015
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Dear readers,

With pleasure as CEO I would like to update you about PROMIXON activities, which was founded in June 2013 and has made its second year of operation a few months ago.

During the second semester of 2013 we started this new business with enthusiasm and obtained, from the start, good results, which always encouraged us to do our best to meet the requirements of our customers. In 2014, the team has expanded thanks to the acquisition of several orders and we delivered 48 mixing plants worldwide.

2015 started in the best possible way: in June, we exceeded the number of orders obtained in 2014 and we found ourselves to experience, with great happiness, an extraordinary expansion: by the end of 2015 we will have delivered 79 mixing plants.

This, of course, leads us to implement greater and better organization. To face all this, we implemented the production site by adding another shed of 1,500 square meters and we hired 10 new employees in the areas of production, engineering and service, in order to deal with the emergency orders fulfillment.

We can say that PROMIXON future is characterized by a continuous expansion and successes, always pursuing our Mission: “The strongest, fastest and technologically advanced manufacturer of mixing plants in its field.” Moreover, our main goal continues to be “Building products that improve the quality of mixing and productivity of our customers, together with a high reliability.”

During this very challenging trip, we overcame many technologically advanced challenges and this gave us the opportunity to further increase our technical knowledge and look toward higher goals. An example: the delivery and commissioning of the largest existing single mixing plant on the international market, which has been delivered to the customer “SHAW INDUSTRIES GROUP” in USA and is composed by the Turbomixer XM-2500/VS and the Cooler XC-8600, capable of producing up to 9800 kg / hr of PVC dry-blend for flooring. Started-up at the first shot, it is no longer stopped.

The reliability and robustness of our mixers begins to reveal itself: now there are PROMIXON systems in operation on a continuous cycle, by more than a year, on which it has not occurred the slightest problem.

In short, we are well directed to the mission and purpose above mentioned, for the one and only benefit our customers.

I would like to send them a special thanks for the trust given and a clear and transparent message: we are working to “create something that remains over time and to continue to deliver the products and services most suitable for them.”

In affection and esteem


Marco Marinello



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