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High Speed Container Mixer

Mixing equipment for Plastics, Powders, Additives and Colors.


The FX series of container mixers provide the best alernative to conventional high speed mixers when production conditions require a high versatility and a wide range of different products to be mixed with the same mixer.

Thanks to the container mixer special design divided into two separate units, mixing head and potable container, the cleaning time between batches in minimized therefore the risk of contamination too when switching from one type of production to another.

Mix, storage and transportation are optimized by directly using the same containers that can be easily inserted in a dosing system either to a weighing scale or an extruder feeder.

FX – VS(I)
Total Volume Userful Volume Capacity Motor Power
Lt Lt Kg/batch kW
FX – 150/VS 150 120 60 11
FX – 300/VS 300 240 120 18,5
FX – 500/VS 500 400 200 22
FX – 600/VS 600 480 240 30
FX – 700/VS 700 560 280 37
FX – 1000/VS 1000 800 400 45
FX – 1200/VS 1200 960 480 55
FX – 1500/VS 1500 1200 600 75
FX – 2000/VS 2000 1600 800 90

The data shown in the table are indicative and must be confirmed by Promixon.
(I)VS – variable speed standard on all models (A.C. motor + Variable Frequency Drive)


The containers are used in the mixer FX cold mixture of polymer powders or granules with pigments, filters and additives in the following fields:

  • Master-Batch of color pigments.
  • Compound engineering plastics of all kinds
  • Powder Coating.
  • Powders Pre-mixing of all kinds, even food applications.
  • PVC Dry-Blend.

Advantages and Highlights of Container Mixer FX

Mixing, storage and transport container

Interchangeable and removable as equipped with trolley with wheels for moving, lifting with fork lift pockets and hooks for lifting by hoist.

Built entirely in stainless steel with surfaces in contact with the product mirror polished. Discharge by means of butterfly valve.

Mixing tool

Designed to ensure intensive mixing in order to reduce the process time and ensure the perfect dispersion of the products even if heterogeneous. Built in stainless steel with mirror polished surfaces in order to minimize deposits of material and thus optimize the cleaning time between batches. For a high versatility, Promixon makes available a variety of configurations to meet different mixing requirements.

Mixing head

Mixing chamber made of stainless steel for parts in contact with the material and entirely mirror polished surface for better cleaning. The wide range of connection between the bottom and the vertical wall ensures the creation of the best mixing vortex enhancing the dispersion of the products.

Connecting the container to mixing head

Carried out by Q.ty 2 electro-mechanical worm jacks and intrinsically safe, ensures maximum safety and performance during the tipping phases. For this purpose the mechanical jacks are selected with large service factors for a prolonged durability.

Mixing solutions

Mixing Standard Tool

Standard tools

A two-stage, both spinning in the same direction. The mixing intensity of the tool is controlled by the variable spped drive applied to the main motor. The peripheral speed of the bottom blade does not exceed 15m/sec.

Mixing Tool V2 = 8xVI

Dispersion type mixing tools

A two-stage, each driven by a transmission shaft indipendently controlled by the same motor and gear unit. The speed ratio between the bottom stage (slow) and the upper stage (fast) of fluidization is 1/8: 120 rpm/960 rpm. This solution is particularly suitable in those applications where a high intensity mixing without heating the material is required.

Twin-engine dispersion tools

A two-stage, each commanded by a transmission shaft indipendantly controlled by indipendent motors. The speed ratio between the stage of the bottom (slow) and the upper stage (fast) of fluidization is infinite. Possibility of reverse rotation of the top fluidizing blade for a counter-rotation effect to enhance the mixing intensity. This solution is particularly suitable in those applications where a high flexibility combined with all kind of mixing intensity.

Twin engine dispersion

Chopper tool

A further development is the use of a side chopper device for a perfect dispersion at low speed. Particularly suitable for applications with heterogeneous materials and different density and fluiditysmoothness,

Mixer chopper tool
Metallic bonding

Metallic Bonding tools

A three-stage with cooling by the circulation of water to get cold surfaces and therefore minimize the desposit of pigments or powder coating on the surface. The geometry of the blade ensures the formation of an optimal vortex without stagnation points and a transfer of energy to ensure a perfect homogeneous bonding.

Multi-stage heating

Multi-stage heating mixing tools

A three-stage for the highest level mixing intensity so as to heat the material by friction. Used for special applications such as the production of rigid or plasticized PVC Dry-Blend or Master-Batch preheated. The geometry of the blade ensures the optimal vortex formation without stagnation points and a homogeneous energy transfer.


In order to put the use in condition to get the maximum from the mixing plan it is often necessary to complete the supply with special accessories. Based on its own experience, Promixon is able to provide standard solutions or tailor designed for each production needs or safety.

Docking and discharge station

The docking and discharge station is for the dust-free emptying of the mixed material into a further processing equipment (such as a sieving unit or an extruder feeder). The mixing containers are manually pushed into the station and locked in position by a pneumatic jack.

The docking and discharge station consists of:

  • A guide fork metal frame with the container detect switch to activate the pneumatic jack to lock the container in the exact position.
  • Pneumatic actuated discharge flange to attach on the container butterfly valve. Circumferential seal made of EPDM rubber, neutral to avoid contamination and to ensure the dirt.free connection. The down-pipe made of AISI 304 stainless steel with the interior surfaces mirror polished. Inside the discharge down-pipe there is a sensor switch to control when the container is empty.
  • A pneumatic box positioned on board of the station.
  • The opening device to clamp with the container discharge valve for open/close operation (AUT/MAN).
  • Electric vibrator to prevent the formation of the bridge of material in the container during the discharge phase.
Solutions available


Switchboards fully automated and equipped with the latest technologies for the safe management of the mixing plants. Our choice for components of internationally recognized brands, make it possible the availability and after-sales service all over the world, so as to minimize the downtime.

All our cabinets are equipped with variable frequency drivers for the management of the mixing speed of the turbo-mixer and resulting flexibility and energy savings in the use of the system.

Promixon provides customized solutions according to the needs of the customer. That’s why our panels are completely customizable user interface for the most demanding customers.

Online Support


Possibility of remote management service. Both on the PLC and on the HMI. Diagnostics, software upgrades and trouble-shooting.