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HMX Series

Horizontal Universal Mixer for cold mixing

High intensity cold mixing of powders and additives.

Horizontal Universal Mixer HMX

The HMX series hosts unique systems, when compared to other equipment of its kind. They are a product of a special project and the result of engineering research that has sought to satisfy the specific demands of “our particular clientele”.

The project involved in-depth studying; looking at every little detail, to make sure that powder could be mixed cold, both quickly and consistently.

Solutions involving the adding of liquids are also available.

Model HMX (1) Total Volume
Useable Volume
Motor Power (2)
HMX-800 800 560 280 7,5
HMX-1200 1200 850 425 11
HMX-1800 1800 1300 650 15
HMX-2500 2500 1800 900 22
HMX-3600 3600 2500 1250 30
HMX-4600 4600 3300 1650 45
HMX-5600 5600 4000 2000 55
HMX-6600 6600 4600 2300 65
HMX-8600 8500 6000 3000 90
HMX-10000 10000 7000 3500 110

The data shown in the table are indicative and must be confirmed by Promixon.
(1)Fixed standard speed with all models (AC Motor) (2)Standard Power – Versions with increased power are available in all sizes.


The HMX machines are one of a kind, and are ideal for the following sectors:

  • Chemical
  • Plastic
  • Powder paint
  • Food
  • Ceramics

Advantages and Highlights of Horizontal Universal Mixer

The robust nature and long-life of our equipment are just some of the many advantages that Promixon is offering with the HMX series. This series of machines has been carefully designed and produced by the best technical specialists in the sector. The components have worldwide recognition.

The HMX series of horizontal cooler mixers are supplied as a base, in standard sizes which go from 100 kg per batch up to 5000 kg per batch. In order to make significant improvements for its customers, Promixon  goes beyond the standards — thanks to their acquired skills — and produces and supplies made-to-measure plans, even for more sizeable batches.

The revolutionary design of the mixing equipment, made with stainless steel and with a high-gloss polish, guarantees the perfect processing of material throughout, thus ensuring an the best distribution of products, even those in small quantities. This is thanks to the interaction between the mixing equipment and the choppers positioned in the mixing tank. For certain applications, pressurised spray nozzles are available to add liquid components to the mixture.

The mixing equipment’s geometry reduces, to a minimum, the residue after discharge and prevents the formation of clusters. This guarantees a significant increase in productive efficiency, all of which is combined with a sizeable energy saving.

Promixon has carefully honed the lid opening, making things easier. It guarantees total security and minimum effort for workers maintaining the machine.

Thanks to a robust base, created to house electronic load cells, Promixon allows you to assess the levels of product inside the machine, quickly and accurately.

Solutions available


Switchboards fully automated and equipped with the latest technologies for the safe management of the mixing plants. Our choice for components of internationally recognized brands, make it possible the availability and after-sales service all over the world, so as to minimize the downtime.

All our cabinets are equipped with variable frequency drivers for the management of the mixing speed of the turbo-mixer and resulting flexibility and energy savings in the use of the system.

Promixon provides customized solutions according to the needs of the customer. That’s why our panels are completely customizable user interface for the most demanding customers.

Online Support


Possibility of remote management service. Both on the PLC and on the HMI. Diagnostics, software upgrades and trouble-shooting.