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Combining Turbomixer XM + Horizontal Cooler XC

Mixing equipment for Plastics, Powders, Additives and Colors. PVC Blending.

We are passionately committed to providing our clients with machines that offer genuinely personalised functions and that, as such, are able to optimise their company’s output.

Maximum power and versatility, here comes the Xblend – MC:

Xblend MC

With this solution, we can meet all production requirements for the preparation of PVC Dry-Blend, PVC Blending both rigid and plasticized with the following advantages:

  • Low costs of operation.
  • High hourly production without compromising the mixing quality.
  • Ability to optimal cleaning thanks to the accessibility of the cooler.
(B.D. 0,5 kg/lt)
(B.D. 0,5 kg/lt)
Heating Temp.: 120 °C
Cooling Temp.:50 °C (*40°C)
Heating Temp.: 120 °C
Cooling Temp.:60 °C (*50°C)
Hot mixer XM
+ Cooler XC
Manual Feeding Semi-Automatic Feeding Full-Automatic Feeding Manual Feeding Semi-Automatic Feeding Full-Automatic Feeding
6 batch/hr 7 batch/hr 9 batch/hr 5 batch/hr 6 batch/hr 7 batch/hr
XBLEND-MC/200/800 510 kg/hr 600 kg/hr 800 kg/hr 425 kg/hr 510 kg/hr 600 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/300/1200 780 kg/hr 900 kg/hr 1150 kg/hr 635 kg/hr 780 kg/hr 900 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/400/1200 1020 kg/hr 1200 kg/hr 1530 kg/hr 850 kg/hr 1020 kg/hr 1200 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/400/1800 *1020 kg/hr 1200 kg/hr *1530 kg/hr *850 kg/hr *1020 kg/hr 1200 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/500/1800 1290 kg/hr 1490 kg/hr 1950 kg/hr 1060 kg/hr 1290 kg/hr 1490 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/500/2500 *1290 kg/hr 1490 kg/hr *1950 kg/hr *1060 kg/hr *1290 kg/hr 1490 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/600/1800 1560 kg/hr 1790 kg/hr 2300 kg/hr 1280 kg/hr 1560 kg/hr 1790 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/600/2500 *1560 kg/hr 1790 kg/hr *2300 kg/hr *1280 kg/hr *1560 kg/hr 1790 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/700/2500 1800 kg/hr 2100 kg/hr 2700 kg/hr 1500 kg/hr 1800 kg/hr 2100 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/700/3500 *1800 kg/hr 2100 kg/hr *2700 kg/hr *1500 kg/hr *1800 kg/hr 2100 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/800/2500 2040 kg/hr 2400 kg/hr 3100 kg/batch N/A 2040 kg/hr 2400 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/800/3600 *2040 kg/hr 2400 kg/hr *3100 kg/batch N/A *2040 kg/hr 2400 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/1000/3600 N/A 2980 kg/hr 3900 kg/hr N/A 2580 kg/hr 2980 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/1000/4600 N/A 2980 kg/hr *3900 kg/hr N/A *2580 kg/hr 2980 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/1200/4600 N/A 3570 kg/hr *4600 kg/hr N/A *3120 kg/hr 3570 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/1500/5600 N/A 4460 kg/hr *5800 kg/hr N/A *3900 kg/hr 4460 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/2000/6600 N/A 5950 kg/hr *7700 kg/hr N/A 5100 kg/hr 5950 kg/hr
XBLEND-MC/2500/8600 N/A 7920 kg/hr 9540 kg/hr N/A 6360 kg/hr 7420 kg/hr

The data shown in the table are indicative and must be confirmed by Promixon.

Solutions available


Switchboards fully automated and equipped with the latest technologies for the safe management of the mixing plants. Our choice for components of internationally recognized brands, make it possible the availability and after-sales service all over the world, so as to minimize the downtime.

All our cabinets are equipped with variable frequency drivers for the management of the mixing speed of the turbo-mixer and resulting flexibility and energy savings in the use of the system.

Promixon provides customized solutions according to the needs of the customer. That’s why our panels are completely customizable user interface for the most demanding customers.

Online Support


Possibility of remote management service. Both on the PLC and on the HMI. Diagnostics, software upgrades and trouble-shooting.