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Laboratory Heating mixer + Cooler

Heating Mixer XLM combined with the Vertical Cooler XV.

The XLAB series provides the best solution for the laboratory testing, as it permits to develop the process for scale up data.

The laboratory mixer is composed of the Heating Mixer XLM – from 5 l. to 100 l – combined with the Vertical Cooler XV – from 10 l. to 200 l.

Main features:

  • Interior mirror polished for easy cleaning and avoid the material deposits.
  • Mixing tool designed to ensure the optimum vortex.
  • Opening discharge valve.
  • Double jacket for water circulation.
  • Lid vertical opening.
  • Safety + process temperature measuring points.

The applications are multiple and here we list the main ones:

  • Rigid and Soft PVC DRY-BLEND.
  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composites PVC/PP/PE based with wood flour).
  • Thermoplastic Polymers (PVH, PVA, PC, POM, etc).
  • Hot or cold dispersion of Color Master-Batch, Additives, Powders.
  • Powder Coatings pre-mixing.
  • Powder Coatings bonding with metallic pigments or micas.
Capacity Kg/batch Motor Power kW
XLAB/5/10 2 3
XLAB/10/20 4 4
XLAB/20/40 8 7.5
XLAB/30/60 15 11
XLAB/50/100 20 22
XLAB/100/200 40 45

The data shown in the table are indicative and must be confirmed by Promixon.

Solutions available


Switchboards fully automated and equipped with the latest technologies for the safe management of the mixing plants. Our choice for components of internationally recognized brands, make it possible the availability and after-sales service all over the world, so as to minimize the downtime.

All our cabinets are equipped with variable frequency drivers for the management of the mixing speed of the turbo-mixer and resulting flexibility and energy savings in the use of the system.

Promixon provides customized solutions according to the needs of the customer. That’s why our panels are completely customizable user interface for the most demanding customers.

Online Support


Possibility of remote management service. Both on the PLC and on the HMI. Diagnostics, software upgrades and trouble-shooting.