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Powder Coating
Mixing Plants

Pre-Mixing, Metallic Blending, Metallic Bonding.

We fulfill the mixing needs of Powders factories manufacturing Powders Coatings Mixing Plants for the processes of Pre-Mixing, Metallic Blending and Metallic Bonding.

Find out now all the specifics about our FX Series and the Xblend – MC/B Series.

Powder Coating

Take a look at our Powder Coating Mixing Plants:

Container Mixer FX

The FX series of Container Mixers provide the best alernative to conventional high speed Powder Coating mixing plants when production conditions require a high versatility and a wide range of different products to be mixed with the same mixer.

Xbond MC

The production of Metallic Powder Coatings is best achieved through the process of Bonding that is relatively safe and leaves no free metal particles within the powder when bonded properly. Xbond-MC con raffreddatore orizzontale XC is the best solution for Metallic Bonding.

Our Powder Coating Mixing Plants are specifically engineered for: PVC Powder mixing, powder coatings mixing, powders pre-mixing, PVC additives mixers, color additives mixing, PVC polymers mixers, metallic blending mixing and metallic bonding mixing.