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Bond/Cool systems

Metallic Bonding
High speed mixer

The metallic powder coatings can be produced to give a range of metallic finishes from silver to gold and with all gloss ranges and profile. With the addition of aluminum, bronze, zinc, magnesium and stainless steel pigments suitable for thermosetting polymers.

The production of Metallic Powder Coatings is best achieved through the process of Bonding that is relatively safe and leaves no free metal particles within the powder when bonded properly.

The bonding process can be described as the complete adhesion of metallic pigments to the thermosetting base powder. The problems associated with the separation and agglomeration will disappear with the possibility of recycling powders equal to normal non-metallic powder coatings. The metallic effect will be constant even with large lots and large surfaces. The risk of incorporating pigments, especially Aluminium is eliminated resulting in a safe process operation (using Nitrogen inerting) and using the best equipment certificated for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX.

Model XBOND-MC with Horizontal Cooler XC
Bonder XM/B + Horizontal Cooler XC
x batch
AC Motor Power
AC Motor Power
TC/300/1200/B 120 kg 55 kW 11 kW
TC/400/1800/B 160 kg 55 kW 15 kW
TC/500/1800/B 200 kg 65 kW 18,5 kW
TC/600/2500/B 250 kg 75 kW 22 kW
TC/700/2500/B 300 kg 90 kW 22 kW
TC/800/2500/B 340 kg 110 kW 30 kW
TC/1000/2500/B 400 kg 132 kW 30 kW
TC/1200/3500/B 480 kg 150 kW 37 kW
TC/1500/4500/B 600 kg 185 kW 45 kW

The data shown in the table are indicative and must be confirmed by Promixon.

The Bonding process can be divided into three distinct parts:


Is obtained simply by means of heat and softening of the powder coating and then mixing the metallic pigment until all the particles are literally “glued” to the surface of the powder particles. The most commonly used method to achieve this effect is through the use of high intensity mixers: the powder coating and the metallic pigment are loaded into the high speed mixer (normally jacketed to allow an accurate control of the process temperature) and then mixed for a few minutes at high speed. The mixing energy provides the temperature rise of the powder until reaching the softening temperature (TG: 40 to 60°C ), allowing the metallic pigment to adhere to the surface of the powder.

Once you reach the end point of the mixture, the mixture is discharged rapidly in a cooler to prevent the premature hardening/solidification.


After being processed with the High speed mixer, the discharged hot mix must be cooled as quickly as possible (25 °C) and this is achieved using a separate low intensity cooler outfitted with cooling jacket wit water circulation to reduce the temperature of the mass.

In most cases the bonded amount is a small part of a larger batch, then the cooler can also mix up to 3 batches simultaneously from the bonde.


Since the powder coating is subjected to heat during the bonding process , and as such may be agglomerated, it is necessary to sieve the final product to remove any eventual agglomerates.

A sieve mesh from 130-150 microns is usually sufficient. The final requirements of an optimal bonded coating are: excellent recycling of powder during the paint process thanks to the intimate bond between the metallic pigment and the base powder. No separation of the powder coating during the spray application, homogeneous application of the metallic effect to the piece.

Solutions available


Switchboards fully automated and equipped with the latest technologies for the safe management of the mixing plants. Our choice for components of internationally recognized brands, make it possible the availability and after-sales service all over the world, so as to minimize the downtime.

All our cabinets are equipped with variable frequency drivers for the management of the mixing speed of the turbo-mixer and resulting flexibility and energy savings in the use of the system.

Promixon provides customized solutions according to the needs of the customer. That’s why our panels are completely customizable user interface for the most demanding customers.

Online Support


Possibility of remote management service. Both on the PLC and on the HMI. Diagnostics, software upgrades and trouble-shooting.