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Mixing Consultant

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  • June 28, 2018
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The decision to provide customers with tailor-made solutions requires continuous improvement of our technical skills and the impeccable evaluation of every single detail of the projects, in order to respect not only the design guidelines but also the most efficient productivity logics.

From the design phase, our plants develop and evolve constantly following direct communication with the customer and his specific requests, in order to allow him to have lower costs, both at purchase and in the production phase.

We are often contacted for technical consultations with regards to our systems, to receive advice on how we can optimize the production cycle or to solve specific problems.

In every situation, we do our best to study the specific case of the customer and provide the best solution in the shortest possible time.

Our mechanical and electrical departments study the most advanced solutions using the best tools available on the market, to satisfy every single customer request.

In the case of one of our European customer, who produces films for the flooring industry, we were contacted for an issue concerning the absorption of liquids.

The plasticizer in fact, during the mixing process, was not properly absorbed by the PVC, causing the commonly called “Fish-Eye” effect, which causes the pitting after the extrusion process of the material, see Img.1.


We have therefore solved this problem by modifying the cyclic: we have anticipated the injection of liquids, making the distribution uniform within the mixture, thus favoring the PVC’s absorption of the plasticizer.

In Img. 2, you can see the graph related to the initial mixing cycle and after having implemented our solution.


Along with this change, we have also increased the amount of the batch from 600 kg/h to 800 kg/h, to favor the mixing vortex.

With these two solutions we have:

  • Eliminated an important process defect
  • Eliminated the risk of non-compliant material
  • Optimized production times

Contact us for a customized consultation, we will be happy to support you for your mixing requests.

mixing consultant

Marco Marinello – President

Paolo Miccoli – Service & Software

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