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Serie X: the New Generation of Mixers

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  • May 3, 2017
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PROMIXON launched at K-2016 exhibition in Duesseldorf its new serie of products: the X Serie, the new generation of mixing systems.

This serie counts amongs its prime products the High Speed Turbomixer XM, in single configuration or combined with the high-efficiency XC horizontal cooler, for the production of PVC Dry-Blend, WPC, thermoplastics polymers, master batch, additives and powders, and the High Speed Container Mixer FX, for rapid mixing of powders, additives, colors, master batches, powder coatings and premixed powders.

This launch is the result of a deep engineering research, which allowed PROMIXON engineering department to develop and make available to everyone the most advanced mixing technology, in order to raise customers productivity and make them more efficient and competitive with no downtime and lower operation and energy costs.

The major developments on the Hot/Cold Mixing combination XBLEND-MC (Turbomixer XM + Cooler XC) have focused on mixing tools with enhanced performance to drastically reduce mixing, cleaning and maintenance times, thanks to cutting-edge technology that ensures a 30% increase in the system’s output. The renewed process technology and new mixing tools allow the mixer to improve its efficiency and mix even the most difficult materials, thereby reducing output costs and the company’s energy consumption.

With regards to the new Container Mixer FX, the mechanical improvements involved, in particular, the lifting and the rotation units, as well as the sealing system. The size and weight of the FX container mixer are now reduced, which means that we can avoid the risk of problems associated with maintenance, cleaning, and material contamination.

The result of this attitude is the commissioning of very important projects, especially one for a Major Belgian and U.S.A company, for the supply of 7 hot/cold mixing combination XBLEND-MC destined to flooring application (LVT production):

  • 5 XBLEND-MC/2000/6600
  • 2 XBLEND-MC/2500/8600

These results are not only the consequence of a job well done but first of all this pushes PROMIXON team to exceed customers’ expectations with the most advanced mixing technology and a dedicated service.

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