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XBLEND-MC/2500/8600: the biggest Hot/Cold Mixing combination in mixing history

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  • November 24, 2017
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In recent years, the flooring market has shown a strong increase in LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile – demand worldwide, thanks to its advantages in relation to durability and minimal maintenance requirements. In PROMIXON, we have heavily invested in product development and strengthened our supply with high technology improvements in several fields, also for flooring application (WPC, LVT, etc.).

These upgrades are supplied with customized solutions, in order to satisfy every single customer request and guarantee long-lasting performance and longevity of the systems.

This attitude let us win a key bid for the manufacture of the biggest single mixing plant ever produced in mixing history.

Destined to LVT production and 100% made in Italy, the XBLEND-MC/2500/8600 is composed by the High Speed Heating Mixer model XM-2500 and the High Efficiency Horizontal Cooler XC-8600. The complete plant has been delivered and successfully started-up at a major U.S.A. company.


High efficiency production results

Working at 8500 hr/year, this huge mixing system of nearly 12000 Kg weight has been completely customized to variable filling level and to process a wide range of formulations, always oriented to the reduction of mixing times and optimizing energy consumption.

This “monster” is producing 1200 Kg/batch of PVC dry-blend at a rate of 8 batch/hr = 9600 Kg/hr output.

Furthermore, the cooler is specially engineered to receive up to 1500 KG of CaCo3 filler each batch mixing it with the dry-blend during cooling, a special featured stirrer to ensure the optimum dispersion while cooling the batch.

Main features and improvements


The hot/cold mixing combination got as beating heart a five stages high intensity mixing tool in stainless steel with tungsten carbide coating for wear protection.

It also has inclined blades to ensure the best mixing vortex: 20° of inclination for the upper stage and 30° the lower stage.

Both Heating Mixer and Cooler are with all surfaces in contact with the process material mirror polished in order to reduce cleaning and maintenance times and to avoid residues at the end of mixing cycle in order to eliminate any contamination issues when changing formulation and process conditions batch to batch. Giving the mixing plant the necessary versatility, allowing our customer to develop new products and explore the use of new raw materials.

We also improved the water circuit in the cooling jacket, optimizing the flow of coolant water in the double jacket with a coil real and reducing by 30% the cooling times.

Finally, the software has been customized to the specific request of the customer with a S.C.A.D.A. (Supervisory Control And data Acquisition) solution interfaced with the customer ERP system for data exchange, statistics, traceability of production lots, cost evaluation and much more.

These are only few of the improvements introduced by PROMIXON engineering department for the biggest mixing plant ever manufactured. Contact us to receive further information about this systems, our team of experts is at your complete disposal for a free consultation.

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